Beehive Fees

Click through the sections below to learn about the different fees that Beehive Federal Credit Union applies to different services, including credit cards fees and other loan fees.

1All Consumer Checking
Fee Amount
Non-Sufficient Funds Return Fee $21.00
Negative Balance Fee $21.00
Negative Balance Late Fee $20.00
Special Handling Fee $20.00
Stop Payment Fee $20.00
Excessive Draft Fee over 20 debits (Min. bal. of $100) $0.00
2Business Checking
Fee Amount
Nsf Return Fee $21.00
Negative Balance Fee $21.00
Negative Balance Late Fee $20.00
Special Handling Fee $20.00
Transfer Fee
Stop Payment Fee $20.00
Business Draft Fee over 20 debits (Min. bal. of $250) $0.10
3General Account Fees
Fee Amount
Temp Counter Checks (per page of 4) $0.80
Base Share minimum balance Fee (25.00 Balance) $5.00
Membership Closure fee within six months $15.00
Special Handling Fee $20.00
Deposit Return Fee Member - $4.00
Business - $6.00
4Collections Fee
Incoming $10.00
Outgoing $10.00
Foreign Collection fee ( us funds) $2.00
Foreign Collection fee to be converted (non us funds) $17.00
5International Currency
Order $30.00
Price per Thousand $0.50
Deposit Exchange Fee $30.00
Price per Thousand $1.00
6Account Research Fee (per Hour)

Account Research Fee (per Hour)

Member plus 3rd party Cost $12.00
Business plus 3rd Party Cost $12.00
3rd Party Request Plus 3rd party Cost $25.00

Stale Date Check Processing

Plus $25.00 Annually $25.00
Domestic Wire Transfer Fee $15.00
International Wire Transfer Fee $50.00
Credit Union Official Check (Cashier Checks) $1.50
Money Order $1.50
Interim Statement Mailing $1.00
Copy of Statement Mailed $2.00
Faxing per page (Outgoing) $1.00
Photo Copy $0.10
Overnight Mailing $25.00
Certified Mailing $5.00
Request Credit Card Receipt $10.00
9Safe Deposit Box Fees
Annual Rental 3×5 $12.00
Annual Rental 3×10 $20.00
Annual Rental 5×10 $30.00
Annual Rental 10×10 $50.00
Change of Locks $10.00
Drilling of Boxes $80.00
Lost Keys $10.00
10Gift/Travel Cards
Gift Cards $2.00
EMV Travel Card $10.00
11Credit Cards
Stop payments $20.00
Request for credit receipt $10.00
Rush order on Credit Card $25.00
Certified Mailing $5.00
12ACH Fee
Ach Origination Fee for return items $21.00
13Beehive Bill Pay (Ipay Disclosure)
Written Correspondence to “Payee”: $10.00
Per proof of payment not necessitated by a dispute: $10.00
Payments returned due to customer error: $5.00
Reinstate Fee: $50.00
Cancellation Fee: $7.50
ACH Return Fee: $10.00
Express Mail correspondence: $25.00
Overdraft Fee: $21.00
14Beehive Bill Pay (Ipay) Miscellaneous Product Fees
Overnight Fee: $14.95
2nd Day Fee: $9.95
Charitable Donations: $1.99
Gift Pay: $2.99
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