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Debit Cards

Introducing the Rewards Debit Card

Associated directly with your checking account, these make paying for goods as simple as it is rewarding.


  • 24/7/365 card monitoring
  • No transaction fees
  • Card Cash Rewards
  • Access to Beehive’s Local Discounts

Earn Up to 1% Cash Back on Purchases

Here’s how CardCash works:

  • Use your debit card for everyday purchases.
  • Request that your purchases be run as CREDIT.
  • Exceed your monthly non-PIN minimum spend of $700.
  • Get up to 1% cash back on your qualified non-PIN debit card purchases above the monthly minimum spend threshold.*
  • Exceed your monthly minimum faster by paying your bills with your debit card.

Access to Beehive Local Discounts

As a member of Beehive FCU, you gain access to numerous special deals from local businesses including entertainment spots, restaurants, and more, courtesy of your community. View all discounts here

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