Dedicated Savings

Dedicated Savings

More Than a Savings

A share of the credit union is so much more than it sounds. Having a share means you become a part of a union that cares about the well being of local families, is dedicated to community friendships, and has strong moral values.


  • Convenient shared branching / ATM access
    • Over 5,000 shared branch locations worldwide
    • Over 30,000 ATM locations worldwide
  • Dividends of 0.10% APY*
  • Quick and convenient mobile app
  • Mobile deposit
  • Telephone banking
  • Become a part owner of the credit union
  • Gain the right to vote for the board of directors

Whats Your Goal?

Maybe you’re looking to save for Christmas, tithing, a car for a teenager, or a new home. With a dedicated savings account you earn 0.10% interest no matter what the balance is on your account, with dividends compounded quarterly.

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