Why Beehive?

Learn how Beehive’s focus on low costs and no-fees benefit our members’ bottom line.

Low Fees, Big Savings

We focus on having a simple fee structure that puts our members’ success first. For Beehive members, this means no surprises, low costs, and more money.

Compared to the national average, Beehive members save nearly $1,200 each year in interest charges. Even comparing against other local credit unions, our members average a savings of $600.

Other Reasons to Choose Beehive

Simple Fees

Our fees are simple and straightforward, so you will never be taken by surprise.

Low Interest Rates on Loans

Our loans stand out from a crowd for one simple reason; Low-interest rates that forgo additional fees. Learn about how we help our members build homes, purchase pianos, get into a new car and much more.

Low Credit Card Interest Rates

Not only do our credit cards have some of the lowest interest rates, but we also a variety of rewards and no annual or foreign transaction fees.

Savings Accounts and Pocket Change Account

We have savings accounts that meet the needs of students, families, preparing missionaries or people just beginning their financial journey.

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