CEO’s Report: COVID-19, Mortgage Loans, and Meridian Branch

Shane Berger, President/CEO COVID-19 A note about COVID-19.  After a few weeks of closure, our branch lobbies are open and functioning normally again.  We have been […]

Verification versus Scam

People love convenience. One-click purchasing, easy storage of card and ticket information, location services, and more! To participate, however, you must walk through the gauntlet of […]

59th Annual Report

Thaine Robinson, Chair, Board of Directors 2020 is a milestone year for all of us who belong to Beehive Federal Credit Union. The state of our […]

CEO Report

Shane Berger, President/CEO On May 13th of this year, Beehive Federal Credit Union will experience our 60th birthday. Not many financial institutions have enjoyed successful operations for […]

Beehive is Teaching Money Management Skills in the Community and Schools

Beehive is committed to being a financial advocate for our members and helping ensure our members understand financial literacy concepts. As such, we have sponsored: Financial […]
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